All you need to know about bhringraj

bhringraj-oil.jpgExpress method for long and beautiful hair? Bhringraj oil, obviously, which should be known by all Indian conditioning recipes lovers. It is said that this oil is “the ruler of the hair”, which is justified. Meet magical properties of bhringraj oil.

Eclipta is an Indian herb with fine, white flowers. For ages, it was used in skin care and medicine. If used internally, provided detox and anti-inflammatory action. However, more and more bhringraj is used for external care. The study confirm that bhringraj oil works wonders on hair.

Bhringraj oil for hair – properties

  • has strong regenerating properties (repairs damages),
  • visibly strengthens hair (from the roots),
  • rubbed in scalp prevents excess hair loss,
  • speeds up hair growth and stimulates growth of new hair,
  • calms skin inflammations (anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties),
  • prevents premature grey hair, even slightly darkens them,
  • ensures gloss, softness and volume,
  • protects hair against harmful external factors,
  • thanks to anti-fungal properties it can eliminate dandruff.

Bhringraj oil – other use

Beside bhringraj oil being complex hair care product, it can also help in other situations. Juice or paste from Eclipta leaves was in past used to wash the wounds. It can easily be used this way also today, for example for acne or irritations. Bhringraj oil holds darkening properties, what is visible on more than hair. Application on the body can lead to similar effect as the use if self-tanner. Eclipta will provide delicate and natural (though unsustainable) darkening of the skin.

How to use bhringraj oil?

Bhringraj oil is great for everyday care. There are no limitations towards its use whatsoever. You can perform hair oiling to provide them with gloss. However, it can be used for scalp oil treatment as well, to eliminate hair loss, strengthen and speed up hair growth. Bhringraj oil can be used for hair oiling in the bowl and with dried herb of Eclipta can be made home-made hair masks.