Meet The Best Hair Oils. Is It True That Bhringraj Oil Rules Your Hair?


The literal translation of bhringraj oil is ‘an oil that rules the hair’. It really has a beneficial influence on hair, which is confirmed by tests and opinions. Does it mean that it is the only proper hair oil? Not necessarily. Read about the properties of bhringraj oil and other oils that replace it.

INCI: Eclipta Alba Oil

Bhringraj is a precious herb that can be found in humid areas of China, Thailand and – obviously – India. It has lots of valuable qualities thanks to its composition. Bhringraj oil is mainly composed of plant sterols, flavonoids, vitamin C and other, less popular substances. It also contains a pigment found e.g. in henna.

What are the properties of bhringraj oil?
  • prevents loss of pigment and greying
  • reinforces hair bulbs thus blocks hair loss
  • protects from UV radiation in a natural way
  • delivers elasticity and softness
  • helps to maintain a proper level of moisture
  • defines the natural hair colour and can make it darker
  • eliminates bothersome dandruff, itching and dryness of the scalp


Surely, Hesh blend of herbs and oils is the most popular product hidden under the name ‘bhringraj oil’. It has been based on coconut oil and created for hair care. The main ingredients of this green oil of a peculiar aroma are Indian herbs, including Amla, Brahmi, Mehendi and Bhringraj. All these components nourish and strengthen hair from the bulbs and stimulate processes responsible for quicker hair growth. This hair oil makes a good choice only for women who like Hindu products – their characteristic aroma, colour, consistency and action.

Bhringraj vs other hair oils

Bhringraj oil is one of Indian oils valued in hair care. Amla oil, brahmi oil and bala oil enjoy similar popularity and are most commonly used, not only by Hindu women. They conceal as many precious ingredients as bhringraj oil. They also deliver similar effects.

Nevertheless, there is no point in sticking to Indian hair oils only. They are replaceable. Although they offer some interesting properties, you can easily find their equivalents in other oils. A good quality hair product does not have to be exotic. Pay attention to the diversity of other oils, their composition and ability to meet the needs of your hair.

The most popular hair oils (not necessarily with bhringraj oil):

NANOIL HAIR OIL - The most effective hair oil

The most effective, the best composition, the most efficient, the largest number of natural ingredients. These are the features of Nanoil Hair Oil and this is what women love it for. What makes it stand out from other products? It is the one and only oil that corresponds to hair porosity. What does it mean? Natural oils are composed in a way to easily penetrate different sizes of gaps in the cuticle layer. You should know that our hair structure differs and not every oil is suitable for every hair type. Nanoil Hair Oil provides excellent absorption into the scalp and hair. It is a lightweight oil of a fresh aroma and various properties.

You can oil your scalp and hair using lots of methods because it is all-natural and very efficient. It works on the surface of hair (smoothness, shine, softness, easy styling), inside the hair (reinforcement, moisture, nutrients, repair, elasticity), inside hair bulbs (hair growth boost, hindering hair loss, volume boost) and in the scalp (no dandruff, no greasy hair, anti-inflammatory properties, cleansing). Nanoil is available in three versions and each is aimed at different needs of hair.

  • Nanoil For Low Porosity Hair (the least damaged),
  • Nanoil For Medium Porosity Hair (noticeably weakened),
  • Nanoil For High Porosity Hair (the most damaged).

Quite exceptional, colourless and very minimalist – Davines OI OIL. The oil comes in a clear, large bottle that is really handy. Davines is quite thick and has a sweet, suffocating fragrance. The cosmetic has been created for professionals as it mainly facilitates detangling and taming unruly hair. Davines OI OIL creates a protective layer on hair. Sadly, it can lead to a huge loss of volume in fine hair. The product reduces blow-dry time and protects from damaging factors yet it fails to condition the hair. Davines OI OIL is a silicone serum rather than a natural oil.


An Ayurvedic product that stimulates hair growth and stops hair loss. A small, golden cardboard box conceals a white, large bottle. There is a brown-green, runny oil inside the bottle. The aroma is very intense and quite strange. If you are impatient and sensitive to some scents, you should think twice before going for Sesa Oil. You must apply the Indian blend of 18 herbs to hair and scalp so that it delivers nourishing and strengthening from roots to tips. Sesa Oil brings the natural shine back and works against dandruff. Women love it for effective hair growth boost yet its peculiar formula may discourage some of you.


L’Oreal Mythic Oil Nourishing Oil is a good choice for women who look for a fancy design, natural oils and interesting properties for a low price. Although the product is not all-natural, it contains a few oils. Three other versions of Mythic Oil also include natural oils yet silicones are always there. Moisturising and hairstyling Mythic Nourishing Oil is the most popular in the Mythic range, recommended by lots of women who do not search for an intensive hair treatment.