How come argan oil has beaten bhringraj oil so easily?

nanoil pure argan oil

Bhringraj oil is labelled the master of hair. Actually, it used to be. It has been beaten by Nanoil. What makes the other one better? To find that out, you need to know the effect, ingredients and uses of Nanoil Argan Oil.

Bhringraj oil vs Argan oil

Despite them having lots in common, argan seems to be far better. How it’s possible? Bhringraj oil is an Indian product and thus goes along with a particular hair type. There are some who like its effect but there are others who are more into popular, tried and tested argan. Not everyone likes the ingredients of bhringraj oil because it contains Indian herbs having characteristic scent and color. Besides, bhringraj has a bit different consistency than well-known oils; it’s thicker so harder to apply to hair.

Lots of women recommend argan oil as effective and tested hair, skin and nail care product. It’s the best oil for most skin types, protects hair against activity of free radicals and swarms with nutrients. Argan oil is rich in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and antioxidants, which surely gives each of us lots of benefits. Other good sides we love argan for include easy application, fluid consistency, subtle nut aroma and gold color.

Speaking of argan, let’s answer the common question about the best argan oil. Contrary to appearances, it’s not so hard to find. The best product is made of natural oil, cold pressed and not undergoing refining (purification) yet awarded a certificate. These are the exact features of Nanoil argan oil for hair, skin and nails.

Who is Nanoil argan oil made for?

It’s recommended for those of you who:

  • want to delay aging
  • have dull, weak hair
  • desire their hair to be faster-growing and healthy
  • have damaged nails
  • fight with various skin imperfections

Nanoil argan oil is destined for hair, face and body skin, and nail care. Most of people seeking effective natural remedies for beauty problems make use of its benefits and potential.

What’s the result of using Nanoil argan oil?

nanoil argan oil

That’s the effect Nanoil has on hair:

  • triggers hair growth
  • blocks thinning
  • increases shine and smoothes out
  • strengthens and nourishes
  • repairs and protects


Nanoil Argan Oil enhances skin through:

  • making it smooth and boosting moisture
  • firming up and repairing
  • replacing other skin care products

Applied to nails, Argan Nanoil:

  • nourishes and reinforces
  • prevents breakage and splitting

It should be noted that Nanoi Argan Oil has antioxidant effect on hair, skin and nails. Consequently, it fights against free radicals which cause faster body aging.

How to use Nanoil Argan Oil for the best result?

best argan oil

There is a breathtaking range of its uses: it’s an amazing hair treatment, nail soak, all-night face therapy, etc. Rubbed into body skin, it increases blood flow, evens out skin tone and improves skin’s condition.

Nanoil Argan Oil: extra info

For such multi-purpose product, it doesn’t cost much. It’s available exclusively on the product site What you get is a glass bottle holding 50 ml of the oil. It’s made from dark glass but you must remember to store it the right way, that is far from the light source, heat and moisture.