Green powder and a good oil - bhringraj in a good company

This exotic word 'bhringraj' is familiar mostly to bloggers and hair maniacs, due to its regenerating, nourishing and hair growth boosting properties. In Hindi sanskrit, bhringraj means 'lord of hair' - this name did not arise without reason. Not very big, green plant, growing south - eastern parts of Asia and regions of South America, is the most important herb for Hindu women. 99% of women in India has long hair. It is impossible for it to be dull or damaged. Strands are not only the main feature of beauty but also health. Therefore, Hindu women pay a lot attention to the care of their wisps. Of course, appropriate herbs and natural oils are essential in this type of treatment. One of the most popular herbs responsible for strengthening hair and stimulating its growth is bhringraj.

Green powder obtained from this herb is to be mixed with appropriately selected natural oils and rubbed in scalp and the entire length of hair. Indian drugstores and hair salons offer a wide variety of ready made blends of oils and bhringraj. Those preparations can be used in the comfort of your own home or at the salon (hair oiling treatment is extremely popular in those regions).

Bhringraj soothes any scalp irritations, stimulates blood circulation and helps to get rid of dandruff. What is more, bhringraj used regularly for hair oiling, improves growth and strengthens strands. They amaze with shine, become resilient and silky smooth. Bhringraj overcomes fragility and brittleness, nurtures the ends, prevents them from splitting. Additionally, it is worth using bhringraj oil during summer due to its natural UV filter that protects from harmful effects of sun radiation. Additionally, you can also remain calm when blow-drying your wisps - bhiringaj also provides thermal protection against high temperatures generated by styling tools.

If you dream of having long, healthy hair, similar to the women of India - you must try out the treatment with the use of bhringraj extract. 

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